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I was trained as an aural tuner. Over the past several years I have been enjoying the assistance of the Sanderson Accutuner.  The SAT is a marvelous computer designed to work well on pianos. It can set an excellent temperament. The temperament is a combination of intervals set in the middle range of the keyboard which the rest of the tuning is based on. My tuning technique is to set the notes with the Accutuner and then use various aural tuning checks to make sure the notes are correct. Tuners that combine the best of both aural and electronic tuning are sometimes referred to as hybrid tuners.

With whatever method is used a pleasing tuning is a combination of clear octaves and unisons. And the chords sound great when all the intervals such as 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths are tuned properly.

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